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Tired of typical strategy games that look the same and don’t make much difference when it comes to gameplay? Landfall Games has prepared a new offering for you! Called Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, it will challenge you with crafting a realistic fight with a random set of units. If you ever wanted to see Roman legionnaires battling Napoleon’s soldiers armed with rifles or a horde of wild Vikings attacking a column of tanks – this is your chance! These battles may not be the most authentic, but they are clearly fascinating in their own way. Just imagine an encounter where cannons shoot upside down and a single spear can spike a whole line of men! Compared to earlier versions, the open alpha of TABS offers a remade army constructor with a range of new units, including some unimaginable options like wobblier soldiers or battle chickens. This build even includes Trump and Hillary units for those who follow the latest political news. The results of their introduction are hard to predict! Download new update for free!

Like in many other games of the kind, the player is tasked with selecting the right units and placing them on the battleground to gain maximum advantage against the enemy troops. The soldiers’ actions are controlled by the AI and once the fight starts you’ll have no sway over the outcome. So you need to do your best before the action takes place! Of course, even the realistic physics isn’t enough to reconstruct historic confrontations, but watching your warriors ragdolling around the virtual location can be pretty much entertaining. You can either try and turn it into a serious fight or simply enjoy the silliness of the animation. It’s up to you to stage a plausible fight or have fun setting up the most unbelievable battles that are unlikely to ever happen in the real world. Clear level after level, earn money for victories and upgrade your army to gain access to an even wider assortment of troops for your next simulations!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on


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