Totally Accurate Battle Simulator 0.2.0


Commanding an army isn’t easy. It requires understanding of how battles work, ability to predict the situation and a lot of strategic thinking. Of course, you can’t just be born with all that – skills come with experience. And Totally Accurate Battle Simulator 0.2.0 gives you a great opportunity to practice! Place your soldiers on the battleground to achieve the most advantageous position and then hurl them into a furious fight with the enemy’s army. Put enough thought into choosing the right units – from basic spearmen to modern artillery. In this game, it really doesn’t matter whether one type of troops is technically more advanced than the other. You can enjoy the most improbably sights – an entire line of warriors defeated by a single lancer or a horde of battle fowl launching an attack against a column of cannons. It all depends on your imagination!

At the beginning, you’ll have limited funds and a pretty scarce selection of units. However, once you win your first battle, you’ll be able to put some cash into your pocket and spend it on upgrading your troops and staging an even more spectacular fight. The stronger a unit is the more it costs. So it’s in your best interest to take the upper hand. But even if you won’t be so lucky, there is no need to be frustrated. All you have to do is simply restage the battle using a different army arrangement and choosing a more suitable strategy. Have a little faith in yourself and you’ll complete all the levels!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on


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