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What is it? Is it a new sort of a dull logic game? No, it’s a stunning simulator, where you can create a personal army that will defend its territory and bring peace again to the soldiers’ houses. You start with a very limited budget, but everything depends on you, and you can turn it into your benefit. You can hire various types of troops, and you should have all of them in your army, because they serve different goals. For instance, if your enemy is poorly armed, you can use only boxers to beat them. You can use swords, muskets and cannons for a skilled and furious opponent.

Your main goal is to win in various types of battles, but you may complete other missions as well. You should mind every detail, and make necessary corrections in your strategy in order to find a perfect solution. The picture isn’t very detailed, but it helps you to concentrate on the essential moments of the fight, and think less about the background or faces of warriors. The sound is carefully thought-out, and it makes a simulator realistic. You can plunge into a wonderful world of war, and put this or that scene in a certain place and time, for the authors of this game made let you be the true commander, and let your fantasy revel in this hilarious world of battle.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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