TABS 2019


When playing TABS 2019, you act as a captain or even a god that observes everything that happens on the battlefield from above. Well, not just from above, but from any angle you can invent. This title allows you to look at the battle scene as if it was a movie and you are an operator – choose any possible frame and don’t forget to move here and there not to miss a single funny scene. You will see that the amazing physics combined with silly-looking characters will provide you with a great deal of really humorous scenes. There is no need for you to fight yourself or to do anything in this game. Your only mission is to gather a good band of warriors and let them struggle with the opposing team. When the battle starts, you don’t have to take part in it. Neither you have to focus your attention on strikes and shots, nor on characters’ health or anything like that. Just observe the process and see your soldiers colliding in a funny way. You must be thinking that one joke repeated for ten times doesn’t become any funnier, but this is absolutely not the case with TABS.

This game flourishes with diversity even though the game process is repeatable and pretty similar from battle to battle. Still, your warriors are unpredictable as much as possible and they will amaze you and make you laugh again and again. Indeed, this title is for those, who are tired from traditional battles. If you are a pacifist and value absurd and a bit strange humor – you should try Truly Accurate Battle for sure. We have uploaded a free version of TABS right on our resource, so you can enjoy it at any time you may like. The game can be played on your computer. You have an unlimited access to it, so visit our website and launch it at any time and have fun as much as you want!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on


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