Totally Accurate Battle Simulator open alpha


If you ever wanted to try leading an army, it’s your chance! Based on the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator gameplay, this strategy emulates the confrontation of two troops – the red team and the blue team. They are represented by schematically designed soldiers painted in respective colors. The warriors look more or less similar to real people, albeit with minimal detailing. The game is built on the laws of physics, but when one army of ragdolls goes up against the other, it might look pretty awkward. Anyway, this game isn’t about brilliant graphics or plausible 3D animation. It’s a sheer representation of strategic thinking.

Your goal is to come up with the best arrangement for your troops so that you can win the battle. There are various types of soldiers to choose from. Aside from basic units like Barbarians, Spearmen, Shieldmen, Archers and Musketmen, you can come across warriors like Boxers, Poachers and even Farmers. Moreover, there are also all kinds of military weapons, including Catapult, Ballista, Cannon and so on. All these types can be spawned using the tools from your backpack and hotbar. Depending on which side you place the units, they’ll automatically assume the color of their team. If you want to clear any of the sides, press the clear button. Once the armies are ready, hit start and watch the fight that will be running according to your scenario!

The best thing about Totally Roblox Battle Simulator open alpha is that you can observe the entire process and see all your strategic miscalculations. That gives you an opportunity to continuously improve your tactics. Next time, you’ll be more experienced and ready for all difficulties that come with the title of the general!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on


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