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War is the reason of our existence, and it will never stop. Even today, when we live in civilized world, there are still hot spots on the world map, where lethal weapon is used. And even in peaceful countries there are a lot of people, willing to feel the atmosphere of a battle. Computer games give an ideal opportunity to participate in an interesting activity and decide, how accurate the battle simulator is. This game won’t scare you with rivers of blood or terrifying pictures of human death. On contrary, you will see a sort of comedy, where soldiers will run across the field with astonished eyes, full of fear, and cry in desperation. You can create an army by yourself, and each soldier is unique by a set of characteristics. There is a great choice of troops and weapon, and eventually kill everyone on the field. If you feel ok about this cruel fun, then you should check this Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and enjoy this virtual fight.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on


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