If you think that you are ready to command soldiers in a war, you should consider playing the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator with mods. The picture isn’t that perfect, for instance, the warriors are of two colors: red and blue. You will see neither their faces, nor details of their uniform. This helps you to concentrate on the process of fighting, and forget about countries that those troops might represent. It’s up to you to decide where to and in what time to place your characters.

You have a nice choice of soldiers, and each of them has something special. You can see many pieces of weapon, and they are really accurate. After you do the necessary preparations, you can think about the tactics that you can’t omit in every fight. You can pick up any color as well, and don’t let anyone intervene with your plans. You should go through a couple of missions, and they will definitely bring you positive emotions. The battle isn’t that cruel, and you will observe many funny moments, including flying soldiers and other hilarious situations. Get ready to do everything that you can, and even more, and defend your territory.  If you do that, you will win the battle for sure, and make everyone envy your ability to command.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on


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