Total Tank Simulator


If you look at the history of wars, you’ll be stunned by the way they have changed over the course of centuries. First, it was just two disorderly hordes armed with primitive steel weapons running at each other with battle cries and slashing each other into pieces. Gradually, people invented bow and arrows which allowed them to launch attacks from air and diversify combat tactics used on the battlefield. Lined up in the distance, archers could shower the enemy with death without risking their lives – of course, if the opposing army had no archers of their own. It also gave a strong advantage when defending castles and other buildings. Things got even tougher with the introduction of cavalry. Footmen had no chance against a column of horses galloping forward at full speed. Military affairs grew ever more complex and required advanced strategic thinking to succeed.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator invites you to try your hand in the art of war and lead your own army to a glorious victory – or a thunderous defeat. You first battle won’t be very impressive. You’ll have a limited number of units to hire because your funds won’t be enough to afford higher-level types of soldiers. With all you can get, you’ll have to stage a fight that will unfold based on the arrangement of troops and the choice of strategy. You won’t have any control over what’s going on – once you press start, the warriors move and fight automatically and you get to enjoy the sight. Winning a battle will take you to the next level and make you a bit richer. This extra cash will allow you to unlock better equipped troops – for instance, armored knights instead of basic spearmen, riflemen instead of archers and even artillery units like ballista, cannon and so on. There are no limits to the battle scenario. You can set up a confrontation between primitive Barbarians and 19th century soldiers. Or attack a line of howitzers with such an absurdity as battle chickens! It’s up to your imagination. So put on the general’s epaulettes and let the war begin!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on


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